Nadejda Koseva

film director

Born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After graduating from the Bulgarian National Film and Television Academy, Nadejda Koseva directed the short fiction novel THE RITUAL, part of the onmibus film LOST AND FOUND which premiered at FORUM Berlin IFF 2005.

In 2005 Nadejda Koseva and Svetla Tsotsorkova founded the production company FRONT FILM and produced the Bulgarian short fiction film WALTZES AND TANGOS FROM THE VILLAGE OF WHITEWATER (dir. Ivan Vladimirov) which premiered at Locarno IFF 2007.

Nadejda Koseva’s next short fiction film OMELETTE won a Special mention at Sundance Film Festival ’09 among other awards worldwide.

Currently, her latest short film TAKE TWO is traveling around the world after winning a Special mention at its premier at Sarajevo IFF ’11.

Front Film is at preparation stage of the feature lenght fiction film THE NOTEBOOK (dir. Svetla Tsotsorkova) and the feature lenght fiction film BUS 64 (dir. Georgi Djulgerov) and is at shooting stage of the feature lenght documentary film BULGARIA IS ONE BIG MISTAKE TOO (dir. Stoyan Radev).


short fiction film

2011 Bulgaria / Germany, 27 min, 35 mm, colour, Dolby DigitalStarring Svetla Tsotsorkova, Stephan. A Stereff

Written by Georgi Gospodinov

DoP Anton Bakarsky

Edited by Nina Altaparmakova

Production design by Viktor Andreev

Costume design by Elena Zaykova – Grekova

Musik by Valeria Popova

Sound design by Andreas Hildebrandt

Directed by Nadejda Koseva

Produced by Stefan Kitanov, ART FEST / Herbert Schwering, COIN FILM

with the support of Bulgarian National Film Centre, Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) in co-production with Bulgarian National Television

" In a small Bulgarian town, in the unfinished house, Maria is waiting for her husband. This is the day he returns home after several months of hard work abroad. But he is late. Very late. May be too late.. "


short fiction film

Bulgaria, 2009, 7 min., 35 mm, colour, Dolby SR

Starring Svetla Tsotsorkova

Written by Georgi Gospodinov

DOP Anton Bakarski

Edited by Nina Altaparmakova

Production design by Elena Stoyanova

Sound design by Momchil Bozhkov

Directed by Nadejda Koseva

Produced by Martichka Bozhilova, Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov AGITPROP and Economedia

" There's a country where people wake up poorer and poorer every morning. Inflation grows by the hours. September 1996, Sofia, somewhere in Europe. "

The film has been produced within "15" the first BG omnibus film:

15 short films about the last 15 years of transition period in Bulgaria by 15 acclaimed contemporary Bulgarian filmmakers, theatre and visual artists – Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov, Dragomir Sholev, Stefan Komandarev, Kamen Donev, Valeri Milev, Andrey Paunov, Ivan Moudov, Stoyan Radev, Iglika Triffonova, Dimitar Kotsev, Kasiel Noa Asher, Milena Andonova, Boris Despodov. A project by Martichka Bozhilova, Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov at the invitation of Capital weekly.


short fiction film

Bulgaria / Germany, 2005, 17 min., 35 mm, colour, Dolby SR

Starring Svetlana Yancheva, Krasimir Dokov, Anna Broquet, Ivan Yurukov

Written by Georgi Gospodinov

DoP Radoslav Spassov

Edited by Nina Altaparmakova

Production design by Georgi Todorov

Costume design by Elena Stoyanova

Sound design by Aleksandar Simeonov

Directed by Nadejda Koseva

Produced by Stefan Kitanov, ART FEST, Bulgaria / Herbert Schwering, В  COIN FILM, Germany

" In a small Bulgarian village Georgi's parents prepare a magnificent party for their son's wedding. Although the party guests are already celebrating boisterously, the most important persons are yet to arrive – the bride and the groom. "

THE RITUAL is a novel part of the omnibus film LOST AND FOUND 2005, 99 min, color. Six filmmakers from six Eastern European countries tell six stories on the topic of Generation: Stefan ArsenijeviД‡ (Serbia-Montenegro), Nadejda Koseva (Bulgaria), Mait Laas (Estonia), KornГ©l MundruczГі (Hungary), Cristian Mungiu (Romania), and Jasmila ЕЅbaniД‡ (Bosnia-Herzegovina). The outcome is a full-length feature film: five short films are tied together visually and dramatically through an independent animation story. The film is a production of ICON FILM in Co-Production with relations – an initiative of the Federal

Cultural Foundation; Stefan Kitanov (Art Fest/Sofia), Hanno Hofer (Mobra films/ Bucharest), Damir Ibrahimovic (Deblokada/ Sarajevo), Viktoria Petranyi (Proton Cinema/Budapest), Misha Mogorovich (Art and Popcorn / Serbia) and Arvo Nuut (Nukufilm, Estonia).